Tony Lewis

Matthew Doyle & Tony Lewis

Tony has collaborated with Matthew Doyle over many years and many projects, the most recent of which id Dharawal Dreaming.
Matthew Doyle is one of Australia's most acclaimed, accomplished and important contemporary indigenous artists. Singer, didjeridu player, composer, dancer and choreographer, Matthew is a graduate of NAISDA Dance College. He has since worked with many high profile artists and companies, including Bangarra Dance Theatre, the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, the Queensland Symphony Orchestra, the Sydney Children's Choir, Taikoz, Riley Lee, Dale Barlow, Sandy Evans, Satsuki Odamura, Tony Lewis, Waratah, Colin Offord, David Page, Michael Atherton, Michael Askill and many others.
Matthew has composed, choreographed and performed for a number of major international events, including three Olympiads (Atlanta 1996, Sydney 2000 & Athens 2004). In 2005 he has performed at the Edinburgh Military Tattoo in Sydney, in China, and at World Expo in Aichi, Japan. He currently teaches at NAISDA and works in schools and communities.
Matthew is a Dharawal Aboriginal, and has been central in working with Dharawal elders and knowledge holders Gavin Andrews and Frances Bodkin, in researching and restoring Dharawal culture. He has composed a number of Dharawal Dreaming stories into a neo-traditional song series, and has choreographed many of them.
Tony Lewis and Matthew Doyle have a long history of collaboration. In 1997, with Dhamor Percussion, Tony and Matthew created Wirid-Jiribin, the Lyrebird, a contemporary dance-drama extended from a Dharawal creation story, for the Festival of the Dreaming. In 1998 they recorded the duo CD "Stormbird" (One World Music OWD111). In 2006, Matthew and Tony collaborated with Dharawal elder Frances Bodkin and Waratah, to create Dharawal Dreaming.