Tony Lewis

Racheal Cogan & Tony Lewis
Racheal Cogan's recorder sounds as pure as a new-born babe's conscience. But all it takes is for her to bend a note and that purity is suddenly rent by a flash of the ancient lusts that afflict us all.
John Shand, Sydney Morning Herald
Racheal Cogan and Tony Lewis are worldly musicians. Note I didn't say 'world' musicians. Unlike some pedlars of so-called 'world music', they have spent a serious amount of time really playing and studying various traditions in not just the western parts of the actual and musical worlds. Recorder player Racheal Cogan and percussionist Tony Lewis likewise exhibit one of the key virtues in making a musically successful duo - understanding that it is as much, perhaps even more, about how well you listen, as how well developed are your playing skills technically speaking.
Doug Spencer, The Weekend Planet, ABC Radio National

Racheal Cogan (recorders) & Tony Lewis (percussion) perform captivating melodies and rhythms informed and inspired by the music of many cultures. Their unique repertoire includes traditional pieces from Greece, Turkey and Iran, as well as compositions by Racheal Cogan and Ross Daly. Racheal and Tony's work is drawn from an impressive amount of first hand experience in the study and performance of musical forms across the world, spanning Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East, and the indigenous musics of Australia.
Racheal and Tony first performed together in Armidale NSW, in January 2005, and have since performed in Brisbane, Townsville, Melbourne and Sydney. In January 2007 they presented a season of performances at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, within the exhibition Goddess: Divine Energy. They have recorded a duo CD Transience: Contemporary Modal Music, which was released by Orpheus Music in January 2007 (Orpheus Music OM602).
Racheal Cogan has worked extensively in modal music forms around the world. In Melbourne in 1993 she co-founded the Greek music group the haBiBis, whose CD Intoxication won an ARIA award in 1999. In 2000 she travelled to Athens to study, perform and record with Ross Daly and his ensemble Labyrinth throughout Greece, Turkey, and Macedonia. Since then she has studied Persian classical music with Hossein Omoumi in France, Karnatic Music with Karaikudi R. Mani in India, and performed with Kurdish musician Fardin Karamkhani in the USA. Racheal recorded her CD Sojourn in Greece, with Ross Daly, Kelly Thomas and Angeliki Xekalaki. Sojourn was released in Australia in 2006, by Orpheus Music (OM601).

Skopianos (trad. Macedonian) 2007 03:47
For Fardin (Racheal Cogan) 04:14
Kalamatianos (Racheal Cogan) 05:10
Kontilies (R. Cogan), 2007 04:23


Racheal Cogan and Tony Lewis