Tony Lewis

Composition, Performance & Production
Satsuki Odamura - Koto Dreaming
'Dancing on rainbows' : Satsuki Odamura, Sandy Evans, Tony Lewis. Darbukka: Koto dreaming ; Udu, leg rattles: Dancing on rainbows

Sangam - Anamika
'Bellydancing in Hanson's swamp' : TonyLewis
Darbukka, tabla, percussion

Matthew Doyle & Tony Lewis - Stormbird
All tracks composed by Tony Lewis and Matthew Doyle

Tony Lewis - Passage
Music by Tony Lewis for the Aboriginal Islander Dance Theatre

Composition & Performance
Waratah - Time Never Sleeps

Various Artists - Thump!
A Collection of Australian Percussion Groups

Composition & Production
Satsuki Odamura - Burning House
Australian composition for the koto. Alien Moon by Tony Lewis

Batalla Famossa - After The Battle
'Zaida Ga´re' Tony Lewis

Performance & Production
Racheal Cogan and Tony Lewis - Transience

Nakisa - Camels in the City

Caroline Lynn - The Shaman's Kiss

Pacific Sound Pacific Sound
Sound sculpture with Colin Offord and Tony Lewis, 1988. Move Records/Australian Music Centre

Riley Lee and Geoff Ween-Vermazen - The Eagle and The Ocean

Riley Lee - Rainforest Reverie

Zana Clarke - Dreams Inside the Air Tunnel

Nardoo - Waiting by the Sea

Various Artists - Songs of Flight
Music by Australian musicians who are former refugees. Recorded live at the Eugene Goosens Hall, ABC Ultimo Centre, Sydney, Australia. Executive Producer: Tony Lewis