Tony Lewis
Tony Lewis

Honours thesis
I submitted this thesis to the Music Department of the University of New England in 1999, in fulfilment of the degree of Bachelor of Arts with Honours (BA Hons). It was awarded 1st Class Honours.
As the copyright holder of this work, I grant permission for students at secondary, post-secondary and tertiary levels to access and download my thesis, without limitation of quantity, provided that: 1) it is in the exclusive pursuit of appropriate academic research; and 2) it is used with the appropriate acknowledgement.
Please acknowledge this thesis as:
Lewis, A.D. (1999). Rhythmic ambiguity in the Dagbamba drumming of Ghana, west Africa. Unpublished BA Hons thesis. (University of New England).
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The following table of contents indicates firstly the contents of the thesis, and also the pdf file in which each chapter or section is contained.
Table of Contents ii-iii Lewis 1999, Introductory material
Declaration iv Lewis 1999, Introductory material
Acknowledgements v-viii Lewis 1999, Introductory material
Abstract ix Lewis 1999, Introductory material
List of Figures x-xvi Lewis 1999, Introductory material
A Note on the Transliteration of Dagbani Words xvii-xviii Lewis 1999, Introductory material
Chapter 1 - Introduction 1-12 Lewis 1999, Ch.1&2
Chapter 2 - Background 13-29 Lewis 1999, Ch.1&2
Chapter 3 - Music and Language 30-40 Lewis 1999, Ch.3&4
Chapter 4 - Notation of Dagbamba Drumming 41-57 Lewis 1999, Ch.3&4
Chapter 5 - Form and Structure in Dagbamba Drumming 58-88 Lewis 1999, Ch.5
Chapter 6 - Rhythmic Orientation and Rhythmic Ambiguity in Dagbamba Drumming 89-142 Lewis 1999, Ch.6 (part1): pp.89-117 
Lewis 1999, Ch.6 (part2): pp.118-142
Chapter 7 - Rhythmic Indeterminacy in Dagbamba Drumming 143-156 Lewis 1999, Ch.7&8 & Biblio
Chapter 8 - Conclusion 157-161 Lewis 1999, Ch.7&8 & Biblio
Bibliography 162-166 Lewis 1999, Ch.7&8 & Biblio